Schengen Wealth specialises in providing Family Office premium services related to wealth management and lifestyle care for wealthy clients and their families.
Family Office – a form of private wealth management – has gained popularity in Western European countries and shows growing demand among wealthy residents of the CIS countries. Schengen Wealth services are provided by highly skilled experts in financing, investing and other areas. Services include the development and implementation of investment plans, management of family property, assistance in the development of the family business, consulting and assistance in planning of the family budget, education of children, purchase of real estate and inheritance of family assets. The very principle of the Family Office is based on providing comprehensive services, promotion and protection of your personal interests, particularly related to the financial aspects of your life.
By using the services of the Schengen Wealth, you are not just saving your family assets, but making them work and generate revenue for you and your loved ones.
Schengen Wealth is the strategic partner of Schengen Property, which specialises in investing in real estate of various classes: residential, commercial, investment projects.
Our strategic goal is to provide the highest level of services to our clients and help them achieve their financial goals. Our tactical mission is to define the requirements, priorities, and limits along with the client while bearing in mind client's wishes, and then formulate a comprehensive strategy taking into account these criteria as much as possible.
Our client is always at the heart of our reference system. Long-term relationships with our clients are of the highest value for us, they are our main capital.
Schengen Property investment boutique - is your reliable partner in Latvia, which will provide you with effective investments in real estate and business. Schengen Property employees specialise in providing full investment service package regarding real estate in Latvia, with following issuance of a five-year Residence Permit for the Schengen zone.
Dome Hotel & SPA - exquisite and cosy hotel located in the heart of the Old Town, and its atmosphere of antiquity is harmoniously combined with the comfort of a luxury hotel. Hotel's SPA-Centre can be an ideal start or a perfect end of your busy day in Riga.
Albert Hotel − unique and affordable hotel. It offers excellent accommodations and services, original atmosphere and great quality-to-price ratio. Located in the heart of Riga, the hotel offers 246 standard, deluxe and hospitality suites.
BML Group – is a team of architects, builders, carpenters, interior designers, managers, marketing specialists and real estate experts with extensive experience in their field able to implement projects of any type and complexity regarding both construction of residential properties and development of commercial projects.
“La Forme” Studio - offers you furnishing services along with a systematic approach to space planning for working and living. Over the years of successful work, the company has gathered a strong team of professionals perfectly understanding the needs of clients.
Riviera Restaurant - established in accordance with the best culinary traditions of the countries of the Mediterranean region has added a sunny feeling to the Jugendstil building thanks to bright and soft colours, stone mosaics and southern ornaments. The restaurant's menu brings together the culinary tastes of Italy, Spain, France and Greece and is complemented by a special wine list of these countries.